Jan. 5th, 2009

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While out walking along the river, a dog fell in and while it was a long time after, the dog surely did die. Don't drink from the Coal Mine Rivers and streams, don't drink down hill of the fallen walls.

Florida may have come up with a better answer than Jeb Bush for President, they may have come up with something called Bucky paper, in which the Constitution might well be written on, if we're smart. Bucky Paper seems smart.
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So, would this mean high end coffee or Diner coffee would be better for the world?

Coffee, isn't all about the oils, as we know from how much of it the world drinks which is freeze dried, has flavor crystals and is otherwise adulterated. The thing is, I'd be willing to forego espresso for a really good house coffee to allow for more oils to be recouped from the waste. Or, would it be better to stick to espresso, because then you're using a lot less coffee and in paying the high price for it, subsidise the rest?

I think Starbucks should bring in stations and converters, switch old busses over in the countries which are mainly dedicated to coffee crops. That way the coffee gets to market much faster, easier on the farmers & their kids get to hitch a ride for free to school. We should start paying more per Kilo because there's now a secondary source of income from the grinds.
I know that first link looks hokey, but it seems to check out.


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