Jan. 6th, 2009

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Their headline is a total over statement, but the implications, including possible solution(s) are worth understanding.

I said this would happen: Coleman has just put the courts in motion. I said it would take six weeks to get some answers. Franken just got the easiest start to being Senator, as he'll be able to say he had nothing to do with whatever mess or order gets handed over the next month.

Ya'll have probably figured out that I could care less about Churches, or more to the point, I'd like to, but along with all the good things they do, they keep doing really bad things too. Well, here's one lady who has the sense of a church I could go to.
I think the Quakers are great, they're totally right, and then they happen to be Christian. Good thing it's not a club, to hang with them.

I know, I'm a dork, but I so want to send [livejournal.com profile] froghugger one of these. Only I don't know of one which glows.

Holy smoke: Diabetes makes people slower, in the head.
You don't even want to get me started on what I think of this in terms of environmental racism.

Darwin missed one, the Pink Iguana. We're about to lose it if we're not careful.

The earth sings.

We live within 100 miles of a border, so we are lessor citizens

The Court says you have to show a grievance, not that you have to hold the documents the gov't says are classified and therefore you should not have to present against them


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