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Terry Childs, who "Held up" San Francisco's computer system, might just get a walk.
When they drop the charges they used to hold you with I'd say the possibility of "time served" is quite high. Don't embarrass the Mayor.

One Swarm. Hmm, I know, I'll use everyone on my private friend's list for this! Any site like FB or here could have a page of ever changing links and viola, we're off to the races.

Read 'em and weep. "Vice President will embarrass those who don't spend the money wisely..." Guess what, it's not going to be embarrassing, that's not the point.

Exposure, is the point.

Corruption is so expensive, that oversight and auditing is less expensive to build in. So the next time someone complains about how the big gov't is wasting all this money on vigilance and people wouldn't really want to own billions upon billions of dollars and they wouldn't cheat, really...well, now we know better.

Only in today's world, tracking from the outset and by outset I mean the Fed, we'll know better when someone moves a big chunck of money around. At some point, we'll either notice when someone moves a mountain of money, or we'll notice when all the ants carrying the money are from the same family.

Just as there are big costs to oversight as we move towards huge medical databases, and a whole list of pro's and cons, there will also be big costs to the gov't doing much of the C.P.A. work that your C.P.A. does now, but hey, you've been saying you want the I.R.S. reformed, you've been saying you wanted the tax system to be less complicated, and where complicated, to have oversight.

That's called spending the money upfront and hoping the downstream benefits are better. We privatised and outsourced. Didn't work. So now we're back to Burackracy. Where the Burro carries it all on it's back, and it's slow, and tempramental, and well, we've speeded things up in the last 40 years, so you know, we just might get what we wanted: We'll slow the system down enough, in this age of information overload, where we can see what's happening so the three cad Ponzi schemes are a whole lot harder to run systemically.

Do I wonder if all these civil servants will cost us too much? Well, you know, if this can be a revolution without shots fired, where the nobles ran off with all the money, but we took back the Capital? No, I'm not worried about it, the sci-fi guy in me says that we can control it so the teller isn't giving away money hand over fist, we can stop the guys at the top from being Robber Barons.

If we become a mainly middle class and only the talented or lucky or really smart get to ride out a life time of Nobility, and that Nobility is just simply that they made more money at the time? That's fine. That leaves the rest of us to benefit, and lead great lives as well, in things that aren't money driven. Why is this important? Because money isn't evil, it's just amoral.

There's a cost to keeping it from becoming immoral, we didn't do that, we're facing off against it, and we're going to have to keep a better tab on things from now on.

Oh, and for those of you who needed to see guns and the red, white and blue and ninja skills and kitties and Bamby...
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