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So, can this thing be powered by waste heat?

Safe to drink water, clean from the process of hydrogen, and while they say it's drinkable even immediately after being electrolyzed, I personally would think to wait until it goes flat, as the article above says electrolyzed water does. So, okay, it's a de-greaser, sanitizer, where would it go in your home? Well, since it's already incorporated into a washer, I would think setting it up for "production" would just mean a larger washer/dryer set.
One of the first thoughts, would be to put it into a wet dry vacuum, which keeps the date, has a sensor for potency, and with a hand held attachment you're all set to clean whatever, with a bit of pressurized electrolyzed water.
I'm presuming we'd use the stuff in the kitchen, until factory farming is radically changed.

That's first world use, but seriously, this looks amazing for Africa, where solar power and other sources are aplenty, but water and issues around sanitation have been huge problems. Image if all those slave wage sweat shop factories decided to add one of these machines and then touted themselves as gearing up for the hydrogen economy? Here, is a way, to literally, pressure China.

Not that they get a pass on sweat shop slaves, but here's a cost saving measure so they can pass that on to their employees. This builds them very quickly from our old industrialized model which is what's being pawned off on Africa, into the Beijing model of super fast high tech industry saving billions, upfront.
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