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Speaking of Pride... I'm a Pride Safety Team Monitor for San Francisco.

We need, oh, about 200 new people to join the Pride Safety Team, so that it's totally safe, because seriously, people love us and it's us or the cops.

As it stands now, the cops only respond when our people radio in a request for assistance, so we need friendly people who literally, want to be in the parade, who like bopping about with small teams and who like being friendly to oh, hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people who rely on us to make it look fun while keeping everything safe. We don't just work the Celebration, we make sure it stays a celebration, and get those who're in need, the need they need. And we get fed and watered and have our own bathrooms.

Teams: Friends, bring your friends!! The shifts are just four hours and we have a special, special power: We write down who to donate our volunteer hours to, from a list of community groups, these groups then split the pot of money that Pride raises for just this purpose. So we have rainbow fun and then get to toss the gold to those of our choosing, and they get thousands of dollars from a very small group of people.

200 newly trained volunteers. C'mon, it's a really good bouncy time amidst a very seriously needed thing we're doing.


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