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N.D. Just declared a fetus is a person. Justifiable Homicide, anyone?

Involuntary servitude is slavery, asking someone to be a slave even for just 9 months, is not only illegal, it's a human rights violation. If in self defense (Offense would be if the child were outside the womb) a woman aborts, then one has to allow the woman to go on with her life, unmolested by the state.

A fetus isn't born yet, the mother is. The state cannot grant more rights to the fetus, without taking them from the woman. Women are not chattle nor cattle, their rights cannot be diminished without making them second class citizens. Again, slavery.
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Best use of the phrase "drinking and driving", in this case, it's a good thing.

White Collar Crimes are treated differently.

Ann Coulter is being investigated for Voter Fraud. Credibility Gap.

Topsy Turvy immigration rules, lead to topsy turvy problems.

He should either ask for amicus briefs and attorney's from the gov't, or sue the gov't for not shouldering their responsibilities.

I figure they're paying back only about a third, if that, of the money they made in total profits. Cheney really should get out of not only gov't, but any sort of business consulting.

Nothing says Black Market, like a big white hat that says Gov't.

Douglas Adams just picked up another fan: Using errors produces better results.

. It just might happen in my lifetime.

They've lobbied and cheated their way into fiefdoms. No, Seriously.
The Bread and Circuses, War, Famine, eco-destruction, mono-crop countries with the debt tied to how they cannot provide healthcare or education or infrastructure to their citizens, is wrong. We need to find away to avoid pitchforks, but these people must literally be made to pay, that is, pay it back.
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Hey, Faggot! Whatcha doing later tonight, after bowling?

Well, obviously, they're not any good at it, so someone has to be...

In Sourcing. Out Sourcing.
What do you call, Feck your employees over by moving them across the world, sourcing?

If we're not going to charge the guys who did it, with wrong doing, because they were told to from the guys at the top, then we seriously need to go after the guys who were and are, at the top.

Kellog's won't renew Michael Phelps promotional contract. Well, excuse me Mr. Kellog's, but you clearly don't listen to the same songs I do, when I was growing up, one had a bowl of cornflakes and then smoked that splud.
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President Obams just held up 77 drilling leases for review, canceling the leases as is.

People donated to pay off his initial debt load, and now it looks like he won't have to come up with the rest of it. That is, a win.
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This just in, Elmer Cheney is a Tewwowist spokesperson..

Srsly? 500K is more than the President makes, by far.
These are people who ripped people off, lied, and let their companies debt load bloom into catastrophe. What they've done, is called white collar crime. No shortage of victims to call to the witness stand.
We need, a whole new variety of people doing business at this level, clearly.

Here's one that's really out there: Florida has a reasonable law; if you can't house the homeless, you can't criminalise them simply for being homeless. No biggie there, we don't have a sound housing policy, not at HUD, not for veterans, and even in S.F. we're just now trying to get the homeless shelters and S.R.O.'s to be meet a bare minimum standard of health regulations. So, what happens when Sex Offenders have no where to go? We are sooo stupid. Why don't we provide HUD facilities? They're mentially ill, they may yet pose a threat, and we clearly want to know where they are, most of the time. It's in our best interest to house them.

You can tell me how I'm being extra nice to sex offenders, but I'm not, I'm trying to avoid what goes wrong, which is so ugly, we should be on the same page on this one. Every species has members which are whatever they are. Usually in small percentages, which makes it cheap enough to manage their care so they do us no harm, but it's only cheap if we manage it upfront, as a chronic condition, not if we manaage it when the problem becomes acute.

This guys work should be published in Arabic and Korean and English, where ever there are Holocaust deniers
. I think the Catholic Church ought to bring more priests out where this guy is working, clearly there's a lot of work for them to do.

Always nice to know you can go to Germany, to get a little Justice. I hope he gets Asylum and takes up Swing dancing.

Speaking of Miami and Dancing, when are we going to get to go to Cuba? I mean, if not for everybody, at least for the Cuban American population.

Oh this is lovely. Is the U.S. threatening U.K. Judges, in fact, all of Interpol and beyond?
Wow, President Bush was so wrong on so many things, I think Obama is gonna have to get eight years, just to undo the Damage.

You're gonna be hearing that last line a lot, over the next 4 years.

As for the Attorney who tried to make sense of the Bush Administrations running afoul of the law, who tried to give them cover for their misdeeds, he's in a bit of hot water these days as the DOJ"s Dept. of Professional Responsibility.

If it weren't for the clear problems the backlash could present to the Asian community, I'd be tempted to say we ought to replace Boo-Boo with Yoo-Yoo. 'Cause every child should know not to give cover to people who do bad things.

Obama's brother wants to be a Mechanic.
Maybe Tesla Motors should hire him. The new Green, meets the new Barack. (His name is George.)

In Whinging about how much he does or doesn't get paid and how the President is tarnishing all of the Wall Street companies with the same brush (Is that a really ugly term to have used about an African American or am I just being too P.C.? Something about being Judaic, we're raised to notice when the verbiage says one thing up front and then uses a phrase from the past a little later on.) So he goes on to say; we have to either not regulate them, or regulate them completely.

Srsly? You're being regulated, Mr. You want it? Did you just tell this Administration that sound policy was to refute everything the Neocons have been throwing at us for most of my lifetime? At this point? The American public just *bought* Wall Street. And if you think that logic doesn't work, then we had better stop telling other countires, how we own them, and what they'll do, because of the debt load they're carrying.

Meanwhile, it seems going after Afghanistan is going to get a leetle tougher by far: Your Base, belong to Kyrgstan!

Recently I wrote, saying hey, if we're going to allow those Christian schools to disallow things based on the teaching of the church, like say, their teaching Lesbian teenagers (Not sure where that's in the Bible, but you know, Jesus certainly didn't teach the LGBT anything. Well, there's that whole forgiveness thing. Oh, and men wearing dresses, and tolerating a lifetime of prosecution, and how your momma is always a virgin in your eyes...but I guess that last one is for everybody...)

So, here we are, with Bible Thumpers who haven't read the Bible saying how they have to kick out kids based on the Bible and I'm thnking well, then they have to embrace all the other commandments from the Old Testament too.. and along comes another sort of tolerance problem for them: Zero-Tolerance, applied to faculty. Ohhhh, now you don't want to teach this anymore? Ohhh, now you want discretionary measures in place?
Ya, think?

Man, Police, they really need to be better about the take away messages they're getting from the cop spoof shows.
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... for investigating violent crimes, right?

NYPD has a problem, they're using the LGBT community as way to solve it.
Their problem is they'd like to shut down Pron stores and they need funding, so they're going beyond entrapment, trying to make a workable program.

Sometimes "practical applications" are just wrong.
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Apparently, everything.

There are two fundamental distinctions between the programs. The extraordinary renditions program involved the operation of long-term detention facilities either by the CIA or by a cooperating host government together with the CIA, in which prisoners were held outside of the criminal justice system and otherwise unaccountable under law for extended periods of time. A central feature of this program was rendition to torture, namely that the prisoner was turned over to cooperating foreign governments with the full understanding that those governments would apply techniques that even the Bush Administration considers to be torture. This practice is a felony under current U.S. law, but was made a centerpiece of Bush counterterrorism policy.

The earlier renditions program regularly involved snatching and removing targets for purposes of bringing them to justice by delivering them to a criminal justice system. It did not involve the operation of long-term detention facilities and it did not involve torture. There are legal and policy issues with the renditions program, but they are not in the same league as those surrounding extraordinary rendition. Moreover, Obama committed to shut down the extraordinary renditions program, and continuously made clear that this did not apply to the renditions program.

Food source

Feb. 1st, 2009 03:01 pm
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I want a Jellyfish Sammich spread! I'm sure this will be marketed like Royal Jelly, as away to keep one younger looking...
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Hey look, Jury Nullification works!

The man who started B of A would be horrified at what it is today.

Hey, let's call it as it is: If we could come up with a reasonable immigration policy and combine that with a reasonable drug policy, we could actually do something good for our continent.
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White House Chef gives a shout out to Slow Food in Schools.

. C'mon California, why are we letting Oregon lead on this one? We've got to revisit Prop 13 and Assisted Suicide, that is, taxes and death.


Feb. 1st, 2009 12:30 pm
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Tests show mice go from 0-90% recovery rate from Melanoma.

Recovering waste gets as good results as gold mining, or better.

Mercury in Fish, I knew about.

I can totally see someone making up designer dirt, for indoor "playboxes" for kids, just so they get the immuno protection from eating "clean, but with the right bacteria" dirt.
Would make a great addition to any garden nursery store.
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CitiApartments leveraged everything and seem to be losing badly.

Text of article here... )

For those of you who don't know, I attended a few blitzes put on by Citistop! and have done a bunch of outreach for the tenants' union so this is a really big deal to me, as well as the city of San Francisco. Much of their tactics were based on their having deep pockets, that is certainly not true so much any longer, particularly given that at some point they'll have to settle with the City itself.
We'll have to be on the look out for an uptick in worst practices, but if we can protect those tenants long enough to reach court, CitiApartments is now a whole lot more likely to get into the court cases which create precedents against them. They'll roll the dice in court more often.
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It's things like this which should be in the Onion, which are not because of the Burning Bush in office. In my building there is a "crazy lady" who has been seen carrying The Onion and I feel bad for her, because I just don't know if she knows it's satire, or not. She gets weirded out and slightly obsessive if approached so I've learned to back off.
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Who can eat or pay rent, on an IOU?

S.F.'s Healthcare net for the poorest, to be gutted.

Board of Supervisors is on board, but where is the will, the money?

I'm going to go back to putting my files in order, trying to get my place in shape for tomorrow's get together, and hope that a whooole bunch of people aren't out on the street come February 1st, when their money isn't there and they can't get medical care because the staffers are gone and whatever co-pays they do have, they can't do.

I'm sorry, but you can't run health care, with non-health care professionals, what you get, well, would you walk into SafeWay and ask the clerk there to be what you need at your clinic? But that is, what they're talking about doing.
Not, so much, the SafeWay.
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Don't blame fast-food restaurants for why America seems so supersized. This new economic study from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley seems to disprove the the common nutritional myth:

The results find no evidence of a causal link between restaurants and obesity, and the estimates are precise enough to rule out any meaningful effect. Analysis of food intake micro data suggests that although consumers eat larger meals at restaurants than at home (even after accounting for selection), they offset these calories at other times of day. We conclude that public health policies targeting restaurants are unlikely to reduce obesity but could negatively affect consumer welfare.

This, just kicks the butt of about, oh, half the stuff I was given to understand last semester.
Niiice. Hey, at least we didn't have to wait 23 years to find out what they taught us in college was wrong. That was what, Winter Break?