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Speaking of Pride... I'm a Pride Safety Team Monitor for San Francisco.

We need, oh, about 200 new people to join the Pride Safety Team, so that it's totally safe, because seriously, people love us and it's us or the cops.

As it stands now, the cops only respond when our people radio in a request for assistance, so we need friendly people who literally, want to be in the parade, who like bopping about with small teams and who like being friendly to oh, hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people who rely on us to make it look fun while keeping everything safe. We don't just work the Celebration, we make sure it stays a celebration, and get those who're in need, the need they need. And we get fed and watered and have our own bathrooms.

Teams: Friends, bring your friends!! The shifts are just four hours and we have a special, special power: We write down who to donate our volunteer hours to, from a list of community groups, these groups then split the pot of money that Pride raises for just this purpose. So we have rainbow fun and then get to toss the gold to those of our choosing, and they get thousands of dollars from a very small group of people.

200 newly trained volunteers. C'mon, it's a really good bouncy time amidst a very seriously needed thing we're doing.
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AMAZON HATES GAYS. CRUSH Them Lit-A-Rally !! Lit-a-Rawr-lily!

Flower power says free the gay books! Shop at


Apr. 9th, 2009 09:59 pm
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What Gives?.

A little something on espresso

Vegan. Caesar Dressing. But it has soy, and yeast and oil, so if you're not already healthy, it's not so healthy for you.

A box, a special box. A cardboard and plastic oven.
Note the bit about a Charcoal making device? I think the cardboard box beat out this.

Needle distribution. Colorado struggles with it. Since California is further along, Oakland has PoD.

About those college loans; can you show me a little love?

The Immigration issue starts to move from the back burner...

News, Journalism, and the web.
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Craig's List ad

C'mon, at these prices, someone working retail/restaurant could nail the rent and be loving livin' in a *house*.
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Josehph schmidts is closing their doors in S.F.

Their staff is sad, they're closing June 30th, they're having sales.

h/t to [ profile] fd_midori

If you're in the East Bay, you might want to check out Sharffen Bergers, as they're in the same situation, but I don't know their closing date.

I just hope there's a location which can take them on. Perhaps Ghiradelli could now expand into more specialties and hire on the above staff. Ghiradelli co. is union run, at least.
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The laptop has been giving me this nasty message, saying there were disk repairs to be done, that I had to reinstall the OS. *sigh* Nope. Cleaned it up, which took awhile 'cause I did the desktop as well. What's this all mean? Forgot to sleep.
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The streets of San Francisco: All our cops have been trained to charge into a crack house & Riot Control by the Feds Some places, they just call in the MIL, when they need riot control
. Samson, Alabama may want to let its hair grow out just a little more; Using the Mil on the streets of the U.S. of A., is actually a crime.

What would you do, with your main drag?

Top of the block, they've gone Upscale for the Square

Don't look at me, I don't think of those numbers as rent, I look at them as mortgage.

Speaking of Sci-Fi numbers, the owners of Star Trek are being sued for royalties.
Just how hard is it, to pay your people? Talk about Intellectual Property.

Not sure why this is better than Craig's list, but if you have something to say, you could make out like a Block Captain.

Wires cross; it's in their nature to do so.

Cat Fence: Keeping your cat the indoor/outdoor cat they've always wanted to be. The over hanging fruit, is really all about the over hanging fencing.
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If you want to have a church meeting, have it at Church. Be careful though, many churches let non believers attend as well.

Cliff house;still strawberries on the way down.

Know someone who was affected by the Maddoff Ponzi scheme? The I.R.S. is looking to help them out a bit.
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This is not for you if you've had a bad day today.

It's especially not for you if anyone you know has gone through surgery.

So, here's a "Unicorn moment" in the form of a TED video
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90% of Verizon bills are improperly taxed.

Now I have to figure out the line of argument to get out of the contract early, to avoid their early termination fees.

It's never a one liner, it's always one thought used with whoever picks up the call, again with their supervisor and then again with whoever returns the call, as they push it to someone else. Each time more points have to be brought up.

Moog... But, worth it.
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So, you know, this is understandable, Mr. Phelps.

It's only the instructions for how to put together a nuclear warhead. It's good to know, that we could actually forget how to make "nukes".

Oh, and only if you want to read phunny commentary and follow the links the author provides, does this get funnier and funnier. I know, who has that much time on their hands, but it is gigglesome.
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I personally am not impressed by the attack on the McRepubs, by that paragraph. The rest points a light.

When I say McRepubs, I'm not referring necessarily to McCain, but the corporate Mclown tools mentioned in the praragraph. Yes, the paragraph that I'd have taken out.
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It's the policy's I have a problem with.

Oh, and just to be clear here: This sense of justice is why turning to the church for Justice, is a very, bad idea. Cardinel Giovanni Battista Re, head of the Catholic church's Congregation for Bishops said "... the accused stepfather would not be expelled from the church."
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I used to have a friend who worked at USCF and they had access to an email list for the housing offerings. Even after they left, they still had access, but not so any longer. So, I have a friend who's looking for an apartment, alone or with a roommate, and I'd like to be able to give someone an outline of what they're looking for to see if there's something of a match. I know one can go down to the housing department and look at what's on their bulletin board, but I think the housing email list comes out sooner/is a larger list.

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What would a hamburger cost, if we factored in the real costs, and paid them correctly?
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Terry Childs, who "Held up" San Francisco's computer system, might just get a walk.
When they drop the charges they used to hold you with I'd say the possibility of "time served" is quite high. Don't embarrass the Mayor.

One Swarm. Hmm, I know, I'll use everyone on my private friend's list for this! Any site like FB or here could have a page of ever changing links and viola, we're off to the races.

Read 'em and weep. "Vice President will embarrass those who don't spend the money wisely..." Guess what, it's not going to be embarrassing, that's not the point.

Exposure, is the point.

Corruption is so expensive, that oversight and auditing is less expensive to build in. So the next time someone complains about how the big gov't is wasting all this money on vigilance and people wouldn't really want to own billions upon billions of dollars and they wouldn't cheat, really...well, now we know better.

Only in today's world, tracking from the outset and by outset I mean the Fed, we'll know better when someone moves a big chunck of money around. At some point, we'll either notice when someone moves a mountain of money, or we'll notice when all the ants carrying the money are from the same family.

Just as there are big costs to oversight as we move towards huge medical databases, and a whole list of pro's and cons, there will also be big costs to the gov't doing much of the C.P.A. work that your C.P.A. does now, but hey, you've been saying you want the I.R.S. reformed, you've been saying you wanted the tax system to be less complicated, and where complicated, to have oversight.

That's called spending the money upfront and hoping the downstream benefits are better. We privatised and outsourced. Didn't work. So now we're back to Burackracy. Where the Burro carries it all on it's back, and it's slow, and tempramental, and well, we've speeded things up in the last 40 years, so you know, we just might get what we wanted: We'll slow the system down enough, in this age of information overload, where we can see what's happening so the three cad Ponzi schemes are a whole lot harder to run systemically.

Do I wonder if all these civil servants will cost us too much? Well, you know, if this can be a revolution without shots fired, where the nobles ran off with all the money, but we took back the Capital? No, I'm not worried about it, the sci-fi guy in me says that we can control it so the teller isn't giving away money hand over fist, we can stop the guys at the top from being Robber Barons.

If we become a mainly middle class and only the talented or lucky or really smart get to ride out a life time of Nobility, and that Nobility is just simply that they made more money at the time? That's fine. That leaves the rest of us to benefit, and lead great lives as well, in things that aren't money driven. Why is this important? Because money isn't evil, it's just amoral.

There's a cost to keeping it from becoming immoral, we didn't do that, we're facing off against it, and we're going to have to keep a better tab on things from now on.

Oh, and for those of you who needed to see guns and the red, white and blue and ninja skills and kitties and Bamby...
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So, can this thing be powered by waste heat?

Safe to drink water, clean from the process of hydrogen, and while they say it's drinkable even immediately after being electrolyzed, I personally would think to wait until it goes flat, as the article above says electrolyzed water does. So, okay, it's a de-greaser, sanitizer, where would it go in your home? Well, since it's already incorporated into a washer, I would think setting it up for "production" would just mean a larger washer/dryer set.
One of the first thoughts, would be to put it into a wet dry vacuum, which keeps the date, has a sensor for potency, and with a hand held attachment you're all set to clean whatever, with a bit of pressurized electrolyzed water.
I'm presuming we'd use the stuff in the kitchen, until factory farming is radically changed.

That's first world use, but seriously, this looks amazing for Africa, where solar power and other sources are aplenty, but water and issues around sanitation have been huge problems. Image if all those slave wage sweat shop factories decided to add one of these machines and then touted themselves as gearing up for the hydrogen economy? Here, is a way, to literally, pressure China.

Not that they get a pass on sweat shop slaves, but here's a cost saving measure so they can pass that on to their employees. This builds them very quickly from our old industrialized model which is what's being pawned off on Africa, into the Beijing model of super fast high tech industry saving billions, upfront.
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How would President Obama get us out of this debt load?

Going after big business and the top 6% for their fair share.
Notice that he's not raising their taxes by a ton; we'll get the ton back by doing enforcement to get the taxes they're supossed to pay already, actually paid. We'll get it 'back' by spending the money elsewhere, rather than on the Dept. of Defense. Notice how he's set up programs to feed money into sectors which are all about job growth, Union job growth, so you know he's going to go after Union corruption as well.

What's been the problem all along, is the corruption, the slush funds.
I think the banks, Wall St. pillaged while the could, escalating it as much as possible just before we got the new President,because it won't be allowed any longer.